Dill (Bouquet)

Early to flower with large seed heads. Dill Bouquet Herb is excellent in pickles, can be used to flavor many other foods. Easy to grow.

​Host plant for the Anise Swallowtail and Eastern Black Swallowtail butterfly.

Sweet Leaf Basil

​Known for it's large aromatic leaves. Sweet basil is used in making pestos and many Asian and Italian dishes.

40-60 days

Sungold Cherry Tomato

The sweetest cherry tomato on the planet. Extremely crack resistant.

​65 days to maturity.

Pickling Cucumbers

Compact cucumbers that are perfect for canning pickles to enjoy all year long.

55 days to maturity.

Bush Blue Lake Beans

High yielding compact plants to help save space and time in your home garden.

58 days to maturity.

Our Vegetable Plants

Ace 55 Tomato

​Determinate heirloom tomato. Highly disease and crack resistant.

​Low acid red variety.

75-85 days to maturity

Better Boy Tomato

Slicing Tomato. Excellent flavor and disease resistance. Creates large uniform fruit.

16 oz. + fruits

70-75 days to maturity.

Roma Tomato

Ideal for canning and sauces.

76 days to maturity.


Straight Eight Slicing Cucumber

Excellent slicer. High yields. Disease resistant. 8" length

58 days to maturity.

Red Knight Sweet Bell Peppers (RED)

Produces big heavy, blocky peppers.

78 days to maturity.