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Lupine Kennels Boarding & Grooming

Why we do what we do.

Taking my passion to the field and practicing seed starting and other growing methods that have never been attempted using the science of nature has put my methods ahead of the rest. The results are healthier plants that can adapt anywhere in their native range across the country.  Making the basis of eco-region specific seeds a myth. Our unique soil mix along with our natural growing methods makes our plants more adaptable in any situation. The reason the success of our plants is second to none. 

​Why we're the best at what we do.

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Matthew Swank


Biologist / Ecologist

About Us

Due to the extensive amount of business we provide for our nation, we are by appointment only at our Amery location. Call to make an appointment.

My passion for growing and sharing native plants with the nation started in 2014 when we began helping out the Monarch butterfly. As I studied and learned more about how each native plant had it's own set of special purposes, my passion grew to learn more. Then I studied soil science and the importance of these plants to the insect groups as well as our local wildlife. These plants and insects are what sustain nearly all the life on the planet. Without them humans would become extinct. I use all this knowledge and spread it to those who want to understand more about the importance of our ecological system. This knowledge includes that we should respect and learn to live with and help sustain our local insects, birds and other wildlife. 
We've turned native prairies into housing developments, malls, crop fields, etc. But we never think about the dwindling source of food that we are creating for our local insects and wildlife. Our main focus is to restore much of the lost acreage so we can balance out nature once again.