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Search our inventory of native plants online. We ship direct to you. Restrictions apply to some states.



Search our catalog of native seeds online. We ship direct to you. All 50 States & Canada.

Do you have land or an existing area that you'd like to turn into a natural landscape? Let us design and install it for you. 

Natural areas benefit our local ecosystem.

Increases insect and wildlife habitat.

Cleans our air and water more efficiently.

pat helloagain on May 27, 2019

5 out of 5 stars    

Wonderful plants -- arrived splendidly packaged & therefore in great condition. Five stars for excellent plants sold by a shop with outstanding customer service

Wendy Gaffaney on Aug 17, 2019

5 out of 5 stars    

Outstanding shop! When I consider the cost of materials, the quality of the dirt, the time and effort involved in individually packaging each plant in beautifully folded newspaper to prevent mess and the fact that nothing can actually be shipped for free — this shop is somebody’s serious labor of love. Every plant I ordered (29 potted plants) looked very good 24 hours after going into the ground and all look epic and gorgeous one week later. thank you for being such a fabulous butterfly resource and all the time and love you put into something (for example the care of the plants) —I don’t think you can possibly be making much of a profit so I and the world’s local critters thank you for your love. 

All donations are used for habitat restoration areas.

We install native areas. Government grant work. Etc.

All of our plants are grown without the use of neo-nicotinoids or systemics.

We use only beneficial predatory insects as pest control.

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We donate a percentage of EVERY sale to our Habitat Restoration Fund to use on restoration projects!

You can also donate personally to the fund with the link below. Help us restore the planet!

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